gate of immortality

Unless your love surpasses death, the body cannot reach the door of eternity unless the body is made an offering.πŸ’– Unless we learn to swim, the heart will drown, how many times have I drowned in that sea of love, in that heat of the sea, the waves have mercy and pulled this fairy to […]

the only paradise of this life was love

I witnessed that those who worship beauty end up in hell when they are captured in the land of demons, is the heart ever taken prisoner?πŸ’” Dirt roads are more beautiful than those streets, my favorite flowers are accompanied along the way.πŸ’–πŸ’– Birds are singing in this tree of love on my chest, darling, put […]

no one could read love without loving,πŸ’–πŸŒΌπŸŒΌ

I put my fire in cold water, it didn’t go out, then I learned that your body is the water of my body.🌸🌸🌸🌸 My precious flower blooming in the land of demons, mercy to my lover with my scent, a poisonous flower to the devil,πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– the fire of love is the sun of lovers, in […]

the bed of scattered souls, the feast of being together

It fell on my heart, not with my hand, when that lover’s attitude fell, the apocalypse had already come.🌸🌸 I cried in your dimple, have mercy, my dear, I am drowning in your love, my dear, how close is heaven my beloved,🌸🌸 It turns out that the paradise I was waiting for in the sky […]

The more I think, the more I fell into your heart

My beloved, whose arrival greets my soul, your majesty is from love, fear is from doubt, our beloved.Is it possible not to know you, my own darling who comes in a thousand forms?πŸ’” The love that I prostrate in the temple of love is worship to the creator,you love the one who loves you,this was […]

turned his creative face into a ghost this fairy fell in love with him

I understood my creator in the lofty mountain of that heart.In the moonlight, the code of that heart is visible, my wish was seclusion on its high mountain once again,πŸ’– my soul will not reach heaven unless seclusion is in your heart tomorrow,In your smile, whose body I sacrificed for, the creator smiles at me,πŸ’– […]

there was a tower of love in my heart

I wish everything was my eyes, if only I could touch our only lover, from love to joy, if I were snow on high mountains, if only you were my sun,πŸ’– Countless armies are always awake inside me, which thief can steal you from there, that love is my body,πŸ’– In the tower of my […]

Don’t be afraid of the wind of love

What would you buy if you didn’t fall in love? What will you encounter in the Night of Destiny? Do not belittle the one sitting on this beautiful throne.πŸ’– immortals were those who drank wine from the hand of this beauty, if you realize it, it is our angel in the sky,πŸ’– Our souls can’t […]

I Give My Spirit to the Gospel.In

Bring Us the Good News from your lover.Beautiful,I Give My Spirit to the Gospel.In,I’m waiting in a place you can’t even imagine, bring us good news from your lover,πŸ’– There Are Hundreds Of Songs.Your Song Is Oursour song is our song And swallowed the Truth my heart is gone. You want it. If you are. […]