Lovers are immortal, our souls do not wake up without love,

As my heart cries, my mind tells her unrealized love stories, and sometimes my heart gets angry at this fairy.,πŸ’– The winter flower fell in love with that sweet spring, my feelings would remain unknown without experiencing feelings, even if short.πŸ’– Every human being and every living thing plays eternity and death with their bodies. […]

Whoever has heard of love has cried from exhaustion.

Once a Lover Realizes the Metaphor, It Will Stay in the Heart Even Forever. I Am the Discovery of the Secret of the Seas,Isn’t our essence loved. Who Else is Real,,πŸ’– Lovers Come From The Heart Every Morning, They Fall On You Like Lightning, Symbol And Kindness. Whoever has heard of love,She cried because of […]

I look human, but I am not human, my dear.

It is a call to the soul of my beauty, come and let us be one with you, my dear.Don’t think that I am in love with you, I am in love with that creator who appears in you, I wanted you to always be in front of my eyes.πŸ’– Undress my body and look […]

That one owner is hidden in what looks beautiful

I burned with fire from head to toe Perens First Wave of Cheating After Coming to the Wave of Fire I Tell You Your Fire is the Fire From My Heart But You Are the Reason,πŸ’žπŸ’ž Don’t Be Disappointed And My Thought Is Not Of The Free And Painless For Soul And Soul Separation From […]

medicine of poisonous love

While I was loving, I was poisoned by love. The solution to these pains is only in the lips. I found the only cure for the poison, but what will happen to me?πŸ’ž Isn’t the lover whose dream I kiss in my dreams the most innocent orphan, the one orphaned by love?πŸ’žπŸ’ž Oh my heart, […]

sitting on the throne does not become a king

My Heart Has Been Taken From Me. Corner of the Crescent, Heart from Me, Heart from Me, Unknowns Lost in the Clouds, Smoke and Smoke, My chest made an Arrow Target for that lover,πŸ’ž Time Is Long, So Sweet, So Sweet. Points of Light Passing Through Thin Glass of Night from Dawn to Evening. Fortunately […]

sign of my soul

O my innocent body, my holy soul thirsty for love, my beautiful soul, which is imprisoned in this body, my soul of longing, longing for passion and joy,🌸 Caress the holy sanctuary of my soul, it must learn that sometimes it is the home of your only soul, my dear angel,🌸🌸 Come see the divine […]

we had to follow the beautiful to reach the creator

beauty is the sweet crown of the soul,the creator crowned this fairy with beauty out of her love, there are those who give their lives for seeing it once,🌸🌼 One sees only the solid, the invisible is more than the visible, my dear angel, I only see you.,The creator took a stain from that wound […]

our souls are torn gather now,πŸ’”

When she followed her creator soul and showed mercy to her undeveloped side, the soul dispersed and transformed into realms.πŸ’” it is possible to reach it when we are the only soul, when we love it in ourselves, my love,woe the lovers were unwittingly in love with her,πŸ’” We are all in one soul, in […]

listen to the fairy who sacrificed to the path of the heart

gold, beautiful clothes, no balm for love, what shall I do, treasures, what does the body do if the soul is not happy?πŸ’ž For this mortal fairy’s love, love is needed, otherwise the palace will be a dungeon, hold my heart, be a road bridge to this lover orphan,πŸ’ž Don’t kill my heart with your […]