My Heart Has Been Taken From Me. Corner of the Crescent, Heart from Me, Heart from Me, Unknowns Lost in the Clouds, Smoke and Smoke, My chest made an Arrow Target for that lover,💞

Time Is Long, So Sweet, So Sweet. Points of Light Passing Through Thin Glass of Night from Dawn to Evening. Fortunately This Love And Affection Is So Beautiful. my angel fill my cup of love,💞💞

Do not be angry with the poor, my sultan, ask me about my sin and sin, take care of me, do not insult me,
I know that you have mercy on me for my pain and suffering, my sultan and king. For thirty years I have been paralyzed by your pain and suffering. If it weren’t for you I’d be a beautiful thirty year old fairy, think about this love fairy,💞💞💞

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