If you’re in love, remember this fairy with those scars if the instruments won’t be covered with pleasant smiles,πŸ’–

The heart is watching, the creator of the heavens knows, no one even showed mercy in our garden of love.I avoided the hungry eyes our holy love angels in the land of the devil teach that it is hard to live,πŸ’–

When our love gets used to crying, eyes don’t cry, I read that lover to every end,

AşkΔ±mΔ± izledim, iΓ§inde tanrΔ±m belirdi, ne gΓΌzel bir ayna o benim aşkΔ±m, πŸ’–πŸ’–Aşk ve sevgili aynΔ± kişiydi.,πŸ’–

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