Oh, He Gave the Secret of Our Heart. What have I taken from your hand? Whatever she did, those loving eyes, come sacrifice this fairy with the sharp blade of love,💔

lost like a ghost in the misty trap of time now my eyes are blind my heart is sharper than that eagle’s eye,💔

It’s Like Spring But The Apocalypse Has Come And Passed. Fairy Time in Sundus, if you ask this captive fairy with a broken wing, her poisoned heart doctor, in the skies,💔

I am under arrest. I am in prison. Who Will Kill Me?It will be very helpful when you see our name. He is merciful and merciful. Once asked, the fairies fall into a state of burnout. The lock and chain open without a name, without a hand, without a key. It’s good to be there in a time of uncertainty and doubt.💔

It is that love that carries the key to my grave, this body, I know your love has surpassed us, how my soul has become accustomed to death.,💔💔

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