I’m worried about love, one day I will lose my loved one, I will succumb to the pain of separation, anger, but despite this pain of separation, I will be happy with the one I love.💖

Oh I’m In My Heart I’m Imprisoned In Prison, I’m Prisoner Of Shivering And The Sun, I Don’t Care About It. Morning of the song heaven is my love,💖

I started the summit. Patience was already sweet, your master has spoken, so our hearts are filled with sadness, anxiety and joy. I found one solution. I’m hungry. My Lover Asked for a Cup of the Shadow of Worry. The Reason I saw was Part of the Rule. Caught in Fire this love fairy,💖

Oh my darling, the one who loves and makes you love is the only soul, the sea foams, the tides, the ice is one,💖💖💖

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