I am blessed with your beautiful beauty
Who is enough for me, this Goddess lives alone in her body cage you are my soul,๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

I learned that this soul of mine is in a cage from my struggle to reach you,every flutter broke my wings then teach me to heal dear,๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

Dear who called me to your heart, we have never had a better paradise than this, we didn’t fall into this helpless body in vain,๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

I swear I forgot the sun, the moon is in your eyes, I fell into eternity without realizing it in your eyes,then my dreams weren’t real they were just the reality of reality,๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

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