Love is thirsty for lips, thirsty for love sun in this desert of love,If the fairy became a beggar for a sip of love from the lips, this is apocalypse,💥💥💥

When you are the mirage of the desert of love, there is no other way but to seek the truth.If the lover is separated from the lover, she lights the fire,💞💞✝

ghosts touch ghosts truth touches truth in all realms love is passionate about those mysterious lips,love was to understand itself,✝✝✝

The water of love drunk from the lips of every fairy was different, this love fairy on her lip turned my feelings into water,✝✝✝✝

Love can’t drink water unless you drink it from your lips, in this desert of love, as I get thirsty, I dream of that angel of love in my desert,💞✝✝✝✝

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