O beautiful star of my morning, take this loving mortal heart to your heaven or my wounds will not heal,💛💛💛

I swear I was orphaned when I left my beloved heart behind,My heart is like the cries of Jesus that is up to the beloved god,💛💛💛💛

O heaven that adorns my sweet hopes, lower my heart from the cross in this hot desert,💛💛💛💛💛

My heart is looking for a cure with my eyes, but no one but the one who loves understands,💛💛💛💛💛💛

that dear angel should lower my heart this blood flowing from the cross was her tears,💛💖💖

2 Responses

  1. 244, 25, desire

    The child with too much tears in her eyes

    The pain of the others all about lies

    Somewhere in her heart she knows more

    Love from heaven opens for her the door

    Her desire is to find an oasis in this desert period

    Yes too much suppression really idiot

    And her tears are walking away from her face

    Her heart beats well enough and repeats grace grace grace

    Inner voice and inner love so important

    The child is still dependable but in her wisdom independent

    Love is her informant

    Gives the rising ascendent

    And the tears still on her face

    For one thing she knows

    I take care for myself and she shows

    In her soul to embrace

    -copyrights Amaro 2023-

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