my inspirations to the mountains of my love became butterflies,dear butterflies had a short life, but the important thing was to love you,💚

That touch was God’s loving caress of this fairy as my inspirations landed like butterflies in her heart.💚

your heart was to love the sun, unless love is born in the heart, if there were a million suns, there would be no light for my soul,💚

my beautiful butterflies bring greetings from my lover, there was no obstacle to inspiration,💚

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  1. 244, 26, who’s

    One question stays forever

    Who’s the lover?

    The one who kissed my neck?

    Or the angel who guides me

    Probably I’m a lover too

    In my belongings to the highest

    Yes my mind is always searching for answers

    My heart is my temple and I put the question there

    There are days that the old doors are open

    Old feelings want to be seen

    Insecurity takes it over for a while

    And I forget to hear the singing butterfly

    Yesterday it was clear now the question

    The lover with the lions eye

    So cherish myself the words

    Sometimes I’m modest and shy and sometimes not

    -copyrights Amaro 2023-

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