it was a pain, the human realm was right there, fairies and angels were hiding from him, he went out to look for a heart,πŸ’š

a beautiful fairy had turned into a baby girl she had previously learned to adorn herself in the mirror of the heart,πŸ’š

bathing in the mountain of love, dreaming of her future beloved angel was her beautiful longing,πŸ’š

she was unaware that the god’s eye of fate was following her,She had learned at last that the lover was the lover’s paradise,πŸ’š

2 Responses

  1. 244, 15, the journey

    Grace on your feet

    When you can find the lotus feet

    Makes me a journey as the perfect need

    The eye of needle gives you enough space

    To find as a soul so essential your soil between the human race

    The river wants to flow with you

    And the flood gives benefits to the right shores

    You can walk or take a horse

    In the journey for going

    Once the holy grail is yours

    It’s the benefits of shadow body work

    And the lotus will grow in grace for you

    -copyrights Amid 2023-


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