yes, that love that came to love in the waves of love was not without a reason, there was a beauty that was vague and persevering,💖

When those eyes were the way to the heart, our souls walked to the floor of God,The only reason for the lovers was that mana hidden in the beautiful,💛

Who wouldn’t enter when their feelings are the garden of the hearts?every feeling was a different heavenly fruit in the garden of love,💖

No one else is sought while their delight is an endless feast,this love took my mind away from her,💖💖💖

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  1. jurgenu
    244, 5, efforts


    jun 16

    The effort of love is the blue sky

    Rivers reflecting deep heavenly high

    But the heart makes it close enough to me

    Learning to accept the love in me

    The access of the accent is speaking the right words

    A golden string strong strings around my house

    Of course unseen

    But the real lover knows and is keen

    Yes the stories of the blue sky are huge

    In a way too much

    Many people who will hear

    Love to love and never disappear

    -copyrights Amaro 2023-

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