Fairy struggling to be loved innocently shot with a pair of eyes my dear,the doctor of the heart where the eyes were shot was a lover,💘

the hell of heaven was the charm of the beautiful,On the high holy mountain of my heart I spoke to God about love, it was love anyway,💖

When I got to the top of my heart and heard God’s unique word of love, my heart melted,💖

God is on the top of the mountain of the heart, loved to reach him, beauties,love is the heart of god once infected love fairy,💫💞💞💞

5 Responses

  1. The best shot is love
    The reach of eternal glory
    Open your hands
    And stretch out to heaven
    The core of heaven in an answering heart

    The fairy knows
    The fairy shows
    An unique way
    To explore and explain
    Love on all levels
    So earthly

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  2. hell is your choice
    reject the love of God
    dig down
    beneath the cry and frown
    of the past
    which tried to cast
    and shatter the stone
    with the power of the flower you are