Let me be the joy on your face, most don’t understand us, if the heart is hurt, tomorrow should sleep on her knees,💛

my soul should swim tomorrow in that dimple of our heaven how close is our god,💛

My soul is wandering, my angel who opens the door of my heart with a glance at your lover’s past and future, I swear, heaven is closer than anything,💛

this amorous heart must take flight of love on its chest I swear heaven is closer than our heart,💞💞💞

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  1. सीक्रेटिव लोगों के लिए मैंने एक गाना लिखा है।

    भीतर से भी आगे भीतर,
    भीतर से भी पीछे भीतर।
    आगे भीतर, पीछे भीतर।
    बोलो कितना भीतर?

  2. 245, 11, the weight

    Weird or not

    Heaven is closer to us than hell

    Although too many will not agree this

    But for sure it’s like the sun

    Always in awareness even in the most darkest night

    You can call God always easy to do

    And sometimes expectations are too much

    Angry now and upset

    But a good word from my partner neutralised all

    Heaven with me

    -copyrights Ameen 2023-

    Thanks again for your inspiration

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  3. hurt was hurt
    and sex curt
    the loving fun
    wo foreplay
    then tomorrow no only all my yesterdays
    to leave
    and my thoughts
    scattered shattered
    raked and gathered