As I woke up in my sleep, the voice of my love, whom I loved from afar, was heard.πŸ’›At the bottom of a tree, she was stringing pearls in her hand, O my dear feelings, turned into pearls, what befits those beautiful breasts, let them smell you, our hearts that have fallen for this longing,πŸ’›

O my love, who reflects the beauty of God on me, touch my divine heart so that it can see the spring.πŸ’›

I stretched out my hand to heaven, her face smiled, my soul was seated at the heart table of the god of the universe,πŸ’›

When I got up, my heart rose, woe, as she walked and tried to touch, I was like a bird that fell into the void, it was a lover who flew away without wings,πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

5 Responses

  1. 245, getting up
    So suddenly sunny in a moment unexpected

    A whispering through the air

    Really I see sharp

    An ethereal show of light

    The river flows through me

    As diamonds of the past

    What is this for experience

    A figure like an angel

    I get up early and I stretched myself out

    I get a light hug so really intense

    Now I realise what happens now

    So close this relative

    Guidance is golden and welcome

    Angels are singing in my silence of the heart

    Where are you going to my love?

    All fits together in the tune of the radio

    -copyrights Ameen 2023-