when she stepped into her existence from nothing, that beautiful lover faced his love,💫💫💫

Our God turned to her soul and called to her own heart, and when we saw the beautiful one, we loved it.💫

she touched her own heart our god touched the one who fell in love with her heaven appeared,💫

When our soul entered the animal body, the angels had fallen to the ground, and now the lover was on her way.💫💫💫

formerly sinless angels, now we have become people who are redeemed by love.💫💫💫

4 Responses

  1. I wonder, it doesn’t disagree with a lot of spiritual texts. Also, the writing style is very unique. Feel free to read my work if you want.

  2. God’s ways are grace and healing process
    The heart gives access
    My learning experience about silence
    Pureness is going to win
    While there is nothing to loose
    Essential essence love has
    To comfort all the lovers

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