In the evening you have to ask this beauty in your arms, what is heaven?Doesn’t the lover know that I carry heaven on my lips?💚💚💚

Can’t you feel the thirst of my heart on my lips?She doesn’t know that you are the beauty that inspired my beauty.💛💛💛

Haven’t you seen that the joy of the bed is the haven of the soul?💛 Come, my angel in the morning of my heart, I swear that longing makes the lovers grow.

it was to sleep in heaven, in the bed of the lover, endless pleasure infects the dream of silent heaven,💛💛💚

4 Responses

  1. Desires, the consummate passion that leads to ecstasy at its best, there where the lover finds heaven. A poem to find the essence of passionate love. Photo well chosen to recreate your verses. Good weekend