The lover reads herself as she reads her beloved, this was the divine command.💛As this fairy reads you in the mirror of the heart, she has learned to read herself.💞

If this heart makes pollen from beauties like bees, if it takes a finger, wouldn’t it pray to our creator?💚

I made wine from our old memories, if it was a taste from the lips, wouldn’t she offer her whole life to the fairy of love without hesitation?💛

Unless the heart adorned the body, it would be useless if thousands of fairies adorned it.💝

love lives in security insecurity pollutes our love with fear poisons our beautiful heart,💝

While Perin swore to live and die with love, she had overcome the mountain of hatred.💛💛💛

3 Responses

  1. For love to flourish, the heart must have purity and honesty of feelings. I like how you develop your writings highlighting the essence of love. Have a good day.

  2. This is true if someone wants to live with love and has to overcome hatred! Well written!