The lover cannot stay away from the one who loves while I carry her in my heart,πŸ’›when there was fog in the space, the lover was near when he was far away,πŸ’›our dreams on the way of the heart was the value of this life in the journey of love,πŸ’›

love is the thirsty state of an innocent traveler in the desert,πŸ’›When the lover found heaven, she would give up the royal throne of the world.,πŸ’›

If the whole army of the world gathered, it would not be able to occupy the hearts,πŸ’›She who does not seek heaven will not find it, the fairy who read it from the book of life,πŸ’›

When our dear souls united, when minds separated, an absolute common mind had to infect us.πŸ’›πŸ’›the reader of this fairy life book, the description of love was always written to her,πŸ’›

I swear to the creator I witnessed this no one dies it was just a mind game my love,πŸ’›

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  1. Your soulful writing express your last birth reactions, I think you are a sacred soul, God sent you again on the Earth to find your soulmate, I wish, you will find your soulmate immediately as your wish..! God Bless You..!

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  3. Elina, this is a truly profound post. It reminded me of the “Runner and Chaser” myth, and how their fates intertwine until God enables them to meet. It’s an emotional experience. ❀️