O beautiful morning breeze, a thousand greetings to your soul, my inspiration that greets me from heaven,πŸ’–

my lips pray to my heart to kiss you,πŸ’–As long as the lover prays for the lover, the heart is heaven.πŸ’ž

in the bed of the heart, the bed of love is divine heaven,πŸ’–If the lover’s lover is in hell, she will not choose heaven, my love.πŸ’–

As long as my body is a bridge to my soul, it is possible to reach heaven.,πŸ’žThe one who loves will go to heaven only with the one she loves.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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      1. 247, 24, say hello
        Say hi or hello to every breath bright deep

        Maybe as a mantra in your sleep

        The habit of training the soul

        I’m a part of the perfect whole

        Performance in body mind and soul

        Daily rhythm as the well of the source so whole

        Wholeness is never to break

        God’s reality check

        -copyrights Amaro 2023-