weren’t you the one looking out the window of my heart,💚Wasn’t your heart my pausman when my heart bled,💚Isn’t your heart missing when you’re without me,💚

weren’t you the one who woke up my soul with a kiss in my body,💚Otherwise, your love was neglected when love brought the beauty of my soul to the fore.

her mother’s delicate beautiful daughter can’t find a cure for love in the helpless empty hospital corridors,💚

Love is not a psychiatric illness, it is at most the divine destiny of the heart.💚The heart that sees God in the mirror of beauty has become the queen of the mind,

When I wondered the name of that lover in the book of life, heaven touched my heart with the truth of your beauty,💚

If the lovers heard, I fell victim to their beautiful love,💚the soul was not for the body the body was for the soul,💕

4 Responses

  1. I have heard it said that I am not a body with a soul, but rather a soul that has a body. I prefer that way of thinking.

  2. Heart, body and soul, entwined, …all contained in your searching mind, …
    .lovely thoughts to dwell upon my friend,, …✨👏✨