wow beautiful you are always my dream,πŸ’›My ghost lover who sleeps with me in my bed at night,πŸ’œthe lover who left my heart behind with your ghost,,πŸ’˜

oh dear, how can reality and fantasy coexist?πŸ’›It’s not you that caresses my hair in my sleep, it’s your ghost, it’s my destiny,πŸ’›

Sometimes when your lover falls from the sky, this fairy confuses the truth with a ghost.πŸ’›It wasn’t you that killed me, it was my love for your ghost,πŸ’”

How to explain pain to an unburned heart?this heart that prostrates to your eye is the love of god hidden in separation already taken to heaven,πŸ’•

love was like a little bird learns to fly when helpless,πŸ’šThe one who does not love cannot read the one who loves, this was a divine message to our hearts,πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

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  1. Elina, you raise an excellent argument. The topic came up as I was watching a movie. The character in cause was resistant to suffering because she hadn’t experienced it, and while she attempted to build an event that would help her feel that agony and become wiser, it wasn’t as powerful since it wasn’t genuine love.

    The lessons is, all happens on its own time, for all of us. We need patience.

    Thanks for sharing! πŸ’—

  2. feels real
    such the deal
    dream rem fantasy
    man to chick
    bite on reality
    later like
    monday morning for example
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