look at me beautiful, I am decorated with your beauty,My joy raises even the dead as I prepare for your heart,πŸ’–

my joy will not reach its purpose until I set foot in undiscovered lands in my body,πŸ’–

Let’s watch the bare sea on the shore of my heart as I smell these longings,πŸ’–our love must dance with the waves,,,πŸ’–

our hearts should be sunbathing with the joy of our love, the clouds should have been a comforter for our body on the beach,πŸ’–

must satisfy the longing of the childhood of the mind with the childish games of this fairy of love,πŸ’–

When our bodies complete each other, neither you nor I remain.πŸ’–Datings are sweet news when making love is a step towards reunion.πŸ’žπŸ’ž

4 Responses

  1. A little poem for you dear Elina.
    ” We have the sea, we have the stars and the moon above us.
    I looked into you eyes and I can everything beautiful.
    I asked you. Please hold me tightly and please dance with me near the Pacific ocean.
    Please make these moment, forever.”