My heart finds solace in the mother’s cradle of the forest, otherwise who can bear this longing?💞💞💞

This fairy is learning to endure love in our mother’s lap,my heart sings like a bird from tree to tree that moment of love,,💞💞💞

The beauty of love is unwittingly revealed by beauty.The beauty of love is unwittingly revealed by beauty.💞💞💞

love was learning to be hopeful was to be the light in the endless feast of beauty,the forests are mother’s arms screaming that we are not alone,💞💞

Countless children grow up in our mother’s lap, but they were the siblings of this love fairy,💞💞💞

love was to make life happy in every living thing,God would hold us accountable as these fires burned our mother’s body,💞💞💞

Our nature was the mother of the fairy who wrapped this love wound and silently silenced her heart,💞 You should have asked me to the silent forests, you should have asked the wounded birds,💞💞💞
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