my smiles should be joy to your heart tomorrow,These eyes will call your soul to the nest of love,my body will rake in this love scene will pull you into the bed of love,💖💖💖

no lover has escaped this fairy’s love trap dear,You’ll see that every fugitive is a different ghost at those doors, waiting for your prey in a love trap,💞💞💞

No one but beauty can rule this heart of ours, love always wins from it,The love song of time will play, my dear, and your heart will set itself on the path of this beautiful fairy.🎈🎈🎈🎈

Our soul will steal our body to love, our heart will make our body dance.our eyes will go blind to listen to the rhythms of love,💞💞💞

when the mind forgets to speak, the touches will speak instead of our tongue,Our soul speaks in silent glances rather than language.💖💖

in warm bodies our souls will take root in love,everything is forgotten in the bosom of love, our heart speaks happily.💞💞💞