No one wants to understand anyone’s pain, O beautiful star of the dawn,Doesn’t the wing break while falling from the abyss of your eyes, the smell of my warmly blowing paradise,I trusted reason but love lost me in the desert of your face,💖💖💖

wow this love perinea saw the image of god in the mirror once the mind became a bird and flew away,I sacrifice all the treasures of palaces for a smile

Her smiles are the rainbow of my heart, her stance is the standing stance of love, she is the half that carries the antidote to my heart in its wound,I forgot the fire of my heart in your happiness,💞💞💞

When I saw that ghost that god had put a beautiful figure on her beauty and sent her to the fairy of love, I saw that my mind was screaming far away,the lover who has extended her hand is the lover who touches without touching.

With her hazel eyes, she made a love bundle in the garden of laughter and broke my chains with her shining beauty, my tears did not stop in my heart

I asked the creature of the heart, did such a lover burn in the fire of love, then he said, put your hand on my heart, when I put my hand, I cried out that there must be an earthquake to the universe, love. It turns out that love is born of fire.💝💝💝