I got a stain of love in my eye, a traveler of love that will burn in your soul.I wore a necklace from God, your mind can’t stand these pearls, servant of my love,💖💖💖

Beauty that doesn’t bring love to its knees is not useful to love, my dear,this love fairy must be beautiful ezrael to move her soul outside the body,🌷🌷🌷

he can’t touch this love fairy without risking death,You must take off all the wealth of the world, my angel, you must offer everything to the love of the soul with your bare body,,💖💖💖

No mind is needed in the making love of souls, my should let our souls make our body talk with touches,My skin is your angel who will take your life,When love comes face to face, it speaks the language of God, my angel,💞

time stops when lovers meet, my love,love is not a story it makes a witness when the heart trembles,Love does not grow without fire, love does not grow, the light of the heart,the one who loves should surrender himself to the fire of love,,💖💖💖💖