I offered my love to my lover today in the temple of my heart,Our love, more beautiful than these pearls and treasures, I wish we could taste it in our hearts, my beautiful ghost of love,,🌷🌷🌷

Let him sit in the shade of the tree of love that grows in my heart,Let’s burn the lust of our souls by burning our bodies as wood for our fire of love.💞💞

Let our souls struggle in the pleasure of this fire, what fine wine can be obtained for the soul from this body.💦💦💦

the eye of our lust in our touches dear,O, you must squeeze the spring of my heart, this is how the wine of these breasts drips into your soul,💞💞💞

God has added the taste of heaven to the taste of these two beautiful fruits that I carry in my chest, my love.the beautiful dream of the world, this fairy of love always carries paradise in her arms,,💖💖💖💖