I set up a tent of love in the heartland,she had forbidden herself a bed other than this fairy’s love bed,💔💔💔

Let this lover not walk into the heart unless she unites with the spirit of the fairy,Don’t let your eyes see when this love is in the lap of the Fairy,💞💞💞

King of my heart that I’m a slave to your love on the throne of my heart,If you listen to the heart of this orphan fairy, you will understand that she is the fairy of love.💞💞💞

O beautiful beloved, two hearts are two wings, it was not possible to fly with one wing,Whoever wanted to find god needed two wings to fly to the land of love,,💔💔💔

When your heart opens the door of the tent of love, when you see the adorned fairy of God, your beautiful soul prostrates.💔💔💔

everyone’s ghost is different, my ghost is always in love,When the souls are thirsty, the heart has to look for a spring, my love.💖💖💖💖