the fairy of love is the joy of hearts fluttering with pain,My dear, this fairy of love is love that breaks the devil’s trap,her eyes look from the heart, when other than lovers look into her eyes, she turns to stone,,🌷🌷🌷

when our god created it, she adorned it with joy out of love,This fairy of love sees lovers not with her eyes, but with her heart, my dear.the beginning name of people’s book of life is love fairy my dear,💖💖💖

love fairy was the love doctrine of wounded lovers,it was the sacrifice of injured lovers love perin,It was the fairy of love who offered the love wine of God to orphan lovers in the hearth tavern.🌹🌹🌹

When a human enters the heart of the love fairy, she believes that she is not human.It is the light that stands in the desert of lovers’ hearts.If you see, countless people are hidden in the dimple of their funerals, thirsty lovers who fall there are drowning, my dear.💞💞💞

The person who comes to her bed naked leaves her body in her bed, this is the spiritual world my love,Every beauty’s bed is beautiful, but only lovers dare to love fairy’s bed,If the captive ghost of this love fairy descended to the world, all women would go crazy with her beauty,🌷🌷🌷