when my heart said come to you it started looking for you,I was in love who sees better in silence,🌸🌸🌸

woe my soul walks in front of me as I walk,far away my love distance is closer to my heart,,💞💞💞

how beautiful was her mirror god i would adorn my own soul for you with it,love is reading the image of god,,,✝✝✝

Unless the soul drinks water from the hand of love, even if the body drank water, it was of no use to the soul.☮☮☮

our soul cannot undress without the hand of love,Without a pool of love, this soul does not undress, my angel,💖💖💖

The lover would never have any anger other than to spite the one she loves.The light of my immortal life remained a lover,🏵🏵🏵

My dear love, it makes us belong to the spiritual world rather than this world,it was our heart that made us choose our place, my angel,💦💦💦