O beloved, who sent angels of inspiration to my heart with her eyes,💥💥

Let me be the victim of that breath you take with your sincere love,🥰🥰,,our paradise is as much as we can love dear,💖💖

You must be born as the sun of my beloved heart born in my chest,There is a beautiful blessing from all the fruits in this body, my dear.💞💞

When your soul is fed, my heart is satisfied, our love,This was not heaven for our body, this is heaven for our soul, my dear.❣❣❣❣

The greatest happiness was to adorn herself with the soul she loved, my love.hope of love was prayer to god my angel,,🌷🌷🌷

Let no one seek heaven without a lover,,heaven without love? was to love a beautiful garden in the dark my dear,,💞💞💞💞