Whoever forgets her love, her heart goes blind, my My love, I’m burning alone on the shore of your eyes

If these silent forests had a word, I took refuge in the spirit of the forest from sharing my pain.

woe she can’t hate this love press for her love,Learning to live with my dreams has become my destiny dear

Dressing well is heaven, my love for love was to find this soul paradise in yourself,a beauty was good for a pain

people jinn should read this love book of ours,When the heart is blind, it does not walk with the eyes, my dear.

O my beautiful love with a heart that tastes the holy love of God,life without love was a harmful process

my dear, without love, human beings are equal in spirit with animals,everyone walks alone my angel

I loved you because you were the light on my way,Love without light dies, our heart grows with light my angel.