You didn’t realize when heaven was near,The road you seek far away is the fairy of love in your heart

Heaven appeared when I faced myself my love,If the eyes of this love fairy don’t see, the heart will see my love

Darkness can’t keep this heart’s eye captive, my angel,When love turns into faith, no power can hold it captive

I’m looking for you in the moonlight, the talisman of my soul, in what deep sense my heart

While my soul is searching for you, it smells in the world where the eyes cannot see, my darling.

No one can see this fairy of love hidden in my body, my love.Intend to sleep, the fairy of love will come to you

I made wine on my lips from words that no one spoke,When you drink this wine, your soul will rise to heaven from the heart of the love fairy.

Those who underestimate love have always fallen into hell, my angel,You should listen to the fairy of love, not with your mind, but with your soul.