better than the word of silence my love.Let me be a victim of your love that is knotted in your tongue

Let me be the water to your thirsty lips,If I were a dry tree in your heart that has fallen into pessimism, let my angel burn it too

Tell me what to do, some conditions are destiny, they don’t change my dear,love without fire is not love my dear

oh dear god created the light of our body tomb as love,burn our god light that i’m a sacrifice to the body tomb

Time eats the body of our soul, my love, souls have become neighbors in this grave, my love

Praise be to the hand of that beautiful god who turned love into fire,I can’t help it, I’m a victim to your heart I wish this love would burn

I’ve been a victim of your love, without ever rebelling, I stretch my neck to the blade of love, my angel

O dear truths that mingle with my soul, it is your will always defy death in immortal time my dear