My love must carry water to these thirsty lips,Have mercy on this orphaned fairy who lies in bed every night

Oh dear, every body lives once, it’s a heavy burden to think alone in the dar,Thought feeds longing, my dear

O the most beautiful cloud of love in the universe, I’m longing for a rain of drops,The drops do not satisfy the fairy of love, my dear

I agree, be the wind, bless my soul with my hair,my beautiful angel be my sun so my soul won’t get cold

O my dear, in my heart, I decorated the bed of love for our soul, when the soul becomes one, it reaches God, my dear.

My secret angel, everyone deals with their problems, everyone is unaware of the fairy of love

Our paradise is hidden in the dawn of love my love,this dawn’s door is in your heart my dear

angel of my light love fairy’s broken wings can’t fly,love knows no one but the lover, the soul of my heart tree

In sleep that doesn’t know love, my dear,