woe, my heart’s wing is broken on this endless love road,who will stroke my hair now my angel

My heart had never tasted the road of no return,My soul is looking for you without knowing where you are

I am like a mother who is looking for her lost child with a broken heart, my love,how heavy is this sign of love darling

The name of the fate that brings heaven to hell is love.Let me be the victim of your dream that killed me

Love is foreign to those who don’t know love, my love,Let me be a victim to the wound it opened in my soul

Let me be a victim to the soul that tears my soul apart,My darling, who taught me about love with pain

my love, who smells love in the garden of my soul with her breath,escaping from love can’t find the door of heaven, my love

I gave my body to love in the market of life,Everything but love is earth my dear,Hail to the souls living for blessed love

One Response

  1. How can the arrow of love wound my soul my love. I hear the pain from the angel’s heart still reeling from the burning of love’s secret hollow room with music fading into streets of empty souls searching from the tear stained flow of blood still grasping the hand with a glimmer of hope, the sweetness that only angels can give with life’s power to awaken cells in the life of the blood to the joy of love’s longing. The light has not darkened nor melting into fresh trodden feet running to breathe again the angels fragrant soul, cry one more tear beloved before the dawn breaks.