wasn’t i your soul,Let me be a victim of the sun rising from your eyes to my heart

I left my heart window open, maybe my eyes will see it as I pass

Let me be a sacrifice to the temple of your heart, when love is one, it is a prayer to God.

It was easy to find the body, where is it now that I fell victim to your soul

When the lover leaves love, there will be a worse fate than death, my angel

My heart did not wait, my love, I fell in love with the angel walking in my dreams

I don’t mind the eyes that call me crazy my love,May my body be sacrificed for this dream

My heart has waited a long time, it turns out that this love was hidden in my dreams.

I passed through the land of the dead and demons for the sake of my dear

Let me be a victim of that dream that takes me to heaven,As long as my soul is with you, everything is mine