I didn’t know, I learned this fire thanks to you beautiful mirror of my soul.

As soon as you left, a fire fell in my heart, I tried so hard to put it out, but it was in vain, my dear.

This fire has no smoke, my love burns my heart with your dreams from the inside

your face, the most beautiful garden of paradise, your feelings fall into my heart from there

What a pity this orphan has written love songs to my heart,I never expected that love would leave me orphaned my angel

It smells my hair in the dream, every night in my sleep my heart wakes up with your cry

Let me be a handkerchief to your tears, let me be a balm to your screams,

You didn’t burn, look, this orphan sacrificed herself for your love, your heart beauty.

O beautiful heart, my soul, as I silently searched for your scent, unknowingly ascended to God’s presence.

I didn’t know the gate of heaven was put in hell, you were the heaven of my life story