my heart broke when you left now who will collect,The tears of my heart are burning inside, who will hold a handkerchief, my love

I loved you, you loved me, now you’re gone, now who can pick it up?When you disappeared from sight, my heart was too close to my knees, my angel

Beauty is not enough for love unless there is love,The platform, where even the demons prostrate, is heaven on one side, and the other side is on fire.

yes the lover shoots the one she loves with the gun of love,yes the lover shoots the one she loves with the gun of love

While my beautiful-faced angel is shot, I send you beautiful prayers to God,Without burning the lover, there is no light in our heaven, my dear.

My dear knee is your pillow, let my hair shade your face against the sun,Let my loving hands wash your tired feet

My dear, my eyes are closed, my soul is looking for you,Woe to me if I come adorned to the temple of the heart

If I go before God in the temple of that heart, I will not complain to him.lovers are always forgiving to lovers