happiness is my great treasure in the heart,I laid on your way the eye of my heart

Let me set foot in your heaven by dedicating my life to your smile

May my heart be sacrificed for the pain of your eyesCome see what love has done my dear,

love is for sacrificing your life,What do we have left but a heart in love, the light of my eye

Let the soil of my body be sprinkled on your path,this wing heal the wound of the wounded angel my dear

She who gives her body to love has no property my dear,He who gives his body to love has no property my dear
the land is rich we are poor dear,love is permanent, everything is mortal my dear

I’m in love with the mind, not the consciousness,consciousness becomes infinite to the mind by living limited

the mind of my love my eternal love,it is the mind that develops knowledge and beautiful feelings my love

the dead are not afraid of death my dear,love defies death with its immortality my love

3 Responses

  1. The poetry of Elina Allar is found in every soul that experience the profound effects of Love. Many volumes have been recorded by countless famous writers expressing the wonder of love’s power, effects likened to wine and the dangers of too much, still many are facing death in search of it. Long live Love and the countless lovers in the search of it.