When the rose is the rose of love, its fragrance is felt in distant lands

The smell of love intoxicates when it comes to the skin,now the mind goes away from the head, my dear

love is good at feeling,I am the lover who finds the smell of skin by feeling,love was to be close when far away

the soul doesn’t need eyes as long as i feel dear,love didn’t have the nature of being left behind, my dear

Didn’t you feel my wounded soul wandering far away?Will those innocent pure eyes that watch you every night be forgotten, my angel?

Every time you drink water and eat, my angel, who is heaven to my heart with her life.

When you’re gone, this heart of mine is a lover who doesn’t know what it cried for to catch up with you.

God knows what this soul of mine suffers in this body tomb.My angel is now coming out of the grave and traveling the universe, my love

Unforgettable this innocent love fairy my love,If her soul is in her memory, the fairy of love that will not be remembered, my dear