it’s your love that took me from me,Those eyes that burn my heart, only I know my fire

While far from you my heart is so close,this love was the endless spring of my soul

This heart of mine is in love with you walking inside,I swear this is not human but our soul

Isn’t it a pity for these lips, thirsty for love,lips make the soul rejoice with the lips my dear

Let’s read my heart with you dear,Let’s read my heart with you dear

I’m your life and you’re my life we won’t tear it apart my dear

As you go away, my heart is far away with your dream,Have pity on me, I’m an orphan now

love is a spiritual life, my dear, death does not grow there,come to the land of love my dear

The story of love does not end, my dear, even if I die, this immortal soul of mine will fall in love with you, my angel.

my love kill my body but don’t be a murderer to my love my angel,the torment of love was to stay away my dear

look at me, my soul is orphaned, no one can fill my orphan,we are a strange love story living in this universe house