I was your fairy of love, can you hear now my angel,If you hear, drink the wine of our love, my angel

I wish she knew she heard this love fairy,I wish he knew he heard this love fairy

Oh my love left me alone in the grave of my body,In this body tomb, my heart is outside looking for you, my angel

I’m like a child crying watching his mother dear,praying to god every moment in the mirror of love my dear

My beautiful angel who got me used to death before I die,It turns out that love is to bring the love to God.

my love your dream burns me in my bed every night,I got used to your dream since you left, now tell me what will happen to this orphan

I swear this love has already taken me away from me dear,Don’t be sad, the light of my soul, this orphaned love has long surpassed hatred

O my dear, may your wound be my wound, it is always possible to meet while my soul is eternal.