No one but lovers can see the fairy of love, my dear,sucks you with her heart love fairy my dear.

If you are in love, come to the shore of my heart my love,Let’s take our bodies to the beach in the moonlight

not the body but your soul will make love on the beach my dear,this love fairy is the crush of your soul my love

If your soul is not lost in the beauty of your body, you cannot fall in love, my dear.the cries of the love fairy will be silent my dear

love loses its body in lust passion my dear,first time the universe saw such a fairy my dear,suck the breast of your heart well honey

Who said the body does not burn the soul, my dear, look how love burned your fairy,touches burn the fire my dear

the touch of our body is the eye of the fairy of love, my love,Our souls don’t need eyes to make love

making love serves the soul my love,just let your heart listen to the fairy of love my dear.