My soul has walked from afar with the feet of love,When the lover walks, he walks unconsciously, the light of my heart

she carries our treasure in her chest, dear, only a lover sees this treasure, my dear,In your light darling I entered heaven

Do you know that God created lips by emulating the door of heaven?I combed my hair with a love comb my love

There is no passage through this heart network my love,Without burning together, the heart cannot be enlightened, my dear.

Not everyone can smell the scent of love, every lover’s scent is different.This should walk in the heaven of my chest my love

My body is the garden of heaven, these fruits are like no tastes like the mystery of heaven my dear

Will it ever be kept waiting, my angel, the bed of my heart,If a person hears the sound of my heart, she would stop eating and drinking, my dear.
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