My love must carry water to these thirsty lips, Have mercy on this orphan fairy, she is an orphan fairy who sleeps in her bed every night,

Oh dear, every body lives once, O the most beautiful cloud of love in the universe My longing for a rain of drops Drops are not enough for this fairy of love

I agree, be the wind, protect my soul with my hair, my beautiful angel, be my sun, so that my soul does not get cold

Oh dear, I decorated the bed of love in my heart for our souls, when the soul is one, it reaches God, my dear.

My secret angel, everyone deals with their problems, everyone is unaware of the fairy of love

Our heaven is hidden in the dawn of love, darling, the door of this dawn is in your heart.

the angel of my light, the broken wings of the fairy of love cannot fly, love knows no one but the lover, the soul of my heart tree

In sleep that does not know love, do not leave the fairy in the realm of the dead, my dear angelheavy burden. Thought feeds longing, my dear.