listen to everyone but ask with your heart love fairy,It’s not easy to embellish emotions, it takes skill to be a love fairy.

Who said that there is no mind in the heart of the fairy of love?my mind is the word of pure, pure heart feeling

I swear by the love of lovers the heart never lies,Come to drink wine from the hand of the fairy of love, my dear

my dear, look for me in the cheerful forests, find the talisman hidden in the birdsong,don’t forget the fairy of love my dear

my angel who still doesn’t realize,my love, it is different to enter the truth in the heart,don’t cool your heart bed dear

Don’t let love understand the fairy unless she walks in my heart,Touch, touch, enter my heart my dear

let go of your heart trust the fairy of love she will read you the book of love my dear,

O my angel who comes to the heart by touching the body, this world of love does not allow lies.

the world of the love fairy has already promised god loyalty, my dear,this word is as holy as the soul my dear