beautiful ornaments that love the lover, my dear,When you put love on these eyelashes, it will be a shade tree to heaven my dear.

To the saint of my soul, lips should be painted from the breath of love,I swear on that love we will burn

my dear, they took the shape of my body from the poses of lovers,we are marked by the talisman of all lovers,

My beautiful heart, I swear, this hair that I combed with the love comb of the light lovers will burn us.

Dress to burn dear, I swear there is no light in love unless it burns,our dear bed, our heartwood where love ignites

My dear angel, love cannot be reached without entering the fire.walking together to love is to be together to heaven my dear

As long as my soul is shielded from the heart fire that burns my love, love is spoken, my dear.

This is the market of love darling, in the market of love bodies are sold for love