It’s so nice to feel and hear, my angel,I hear our angel’s voice in the beating of your heart, dear

wow darling your eyes are undressing my soul,When you take this naked soul in your bosom, your love will crumble to feast on the universe my dear

wow wow this beautiful body adorned on the bed will teach you love my dear,wow, now our eyes will be mute

my love, the body must be the spark to light the love,my love, you must feed me with your sweet heart

My angel, let my soul burn with your touch,My hidden angel, I’ve been burning for you since I noticed you

Let’s not be ashamed, the light of my soul is opening the door of love with open bodies

my dear angel makes sweets on her lips for her love,my lip sworn to thirst my love

My dear angel, you don’t need to knock on my heart’s door,Even if you get hurt, come to this dear fairy
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